42 Best Math Pick Up Lines of All Time (2024)

42 Best Math Pick Up Lines of All Time (1)

1. “Can I be your derivative so I lie tangent to your curves?”

2. “Your beauty cannot be spanned by a finite basis of vectors.”

3. “I’ve memorized the first 300 digits of pi. If you gave me the 10 digits of your phone number, I could memorize them too.”

4. “Will you help me with some algebra and replace my eX without asking Y?”

5. “Can I show you the growth of my natural log at my place tonight?”

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6. “We’re a Cauchy sequence… it’s gonna happen eventually.”

7. “I could be your numerator, because I like to be on top.”

8. “Are you a function? Because I’d like to be the area under your curve.”

9. “I hate fractions. Will you be my other half and complete me?”

10. “Are you the square root of –1? Because you can’t be real, but I can’t imagine life without you.”

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11. “You must be the square root of 2, because I feel irrational when I’m around you.”

12. “I’m not very good at math, but I do know that you and I make 69.”

13. “My feelings for you are like dividing by zero – they can’t be defined.”

14. “Are you a 90-degree angle? Because you’re looking right.”

15. “I’d like to add you to my life, subtract your clothes, divide your legs, and multiply.”

16. “I’m not a mathematician, but I’m pretty good with numbers. Tell you what, give me yours and watch what I can do with it.”

17. “Are you a graphing calculator? Because you’re solving all my problems.”

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18. “If I were a function, you would be my asymptote – I always tend towards you.”

19. “My love for you is like a concave up function because it’s always increasing.”

20. “How can I know so many hundreds of digits of pi and not the 10 digits of your phone number?”

21. “I’m sine squared and you’re cosine squared; together, we’re one.”

22. “Are you a 45-degree angle? Because you’re acute-y.”

23. “I don’t like my current girlfriend. Mind if I do a you-substitution?”

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24. “You’ve got more curves than a triple integral.”

25. “I’d like to be your math homework. Can you slam me on the desk and do me all night?”

26. “If beauty were a function, you’d be an exponential curve.”

27. “I’d like to plug my solution into your equation.”

28. “You must be pi because you’re irrational and I can’t stop thinking about you.”

29. “I wish I was your calculus homework, because then I’d be hard and you’d be doing me on your desk.”

30. “My love for you is like an exponential curve – it’s unbounded.”

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31. “I’m not good at algebra, but I know U+I equals forever.”

32. “If beauty was a formula, you’d be the proof.”

33. “Are you a math problem? Because I want to spend all night working on you.”

34. “I’m not a mathematician, but I’m good with figures. How about you give me yours?”

35. “I’m not a mathematician, but I’m great in bed.”

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36. “If you were a math test, I’d never cheat on you.”

37. “I’m not a mathematician, but I can appreciate the beauty of a natural number like you.”

38. “You must be a math test, because I’m nervous about doing you.”

39. “Are you a graphing calculator? Because you’ve got a lot of functions.”

40. “I’m not a mathematician, but I can see that U+I = a great time.”

41. “If I were a tangent line, would you let me touch your curves?”

42. “I don’t need to take the derivative to know that you’re the maximum.”

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The Basics of Math Pick Up Lines

Math pick up lines are a playful way to engage someone with ablend of humorand intellect.

They show how you can use mathematical terminology to makeclever puns, show creativity, and sound outright attractive.

Understanding the Math Lexicon

Math TerminologyCommon UsePickup Line Application
Real NumbersEveryday numbersRefer to genuine interest
Imaginary NumbersComplex numbers withiSuggest whimsical or dreamy connections
Acute AngleAngle less than 90°Compliment someone by calling them “acute-y”
Complex NumberCombination of real and imaginary numbersImply a layered, intriguing personality
TriangleThree-sided polygonReference to being “the right angle” for someone
SquareFour equal sides and anglesJoking about being “squared away” in someone’s heart
NumbersRepresents quantities or ideasOffer to exchange “significant” numbers

When crafting a math pick up line, your understanding of basic terms can serve as a foundation for humor.

For instance, referring to someone as “acute-y” plays off the word “acute,” meaning sharp or intense, suggesting that they are exceptionally attractive.

On the other hand, complex numbers can introduce the idea that you find someone as intriguing and multifaceted as a mathematical concept.

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Building Blocks of Cheesy Enchantment

When stepping into the world of flirtation with a mathematical twist, it helps to have some elementary knowledge of algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry to charm a fellow math enthusiast.

Elementary Algebra and Geometry

In the realm of algebra, your approach might begin with a line as simple yet clever as, “Are you a 45-degree angle? Becauseyou’reright.”

Thisnot only conveys your interest but does so with a geometric pun that captures attention.

For geometry, approaching with “If you were a triangle,you’d beacuteone”links the concept of types of angles to physical attractiveness in a playful way.

  • Perfect Squares: “Are we a pair of perfect squares? Because together, we’re bound to multiply into something greater.”
  • Variables x and y: “My feelings for you are not likea graph ofy=x. Theydon’t follow a straight line.”

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The Romance of Calculus and Trigonometry

Moving on to calculus, consider the everlasting numberpi. A pickup line like, “Our love could be likepi…never ending,” suggests a forever type of connection, making use of a well-knownmathematical constant.

For those who have delved into trigonometry, lines involvingsine,cosine, andtangentshowdepth in mathematical prowess.

  • Sine: “Is your sine high? Because you’ve got some great curves.”
  • Tangent: “We must be tangent to a circle at one point because we just seem to touch perfectly.”

By using these math concepts, you cleverly express interest with humor and intelligence, layingthefoundationfor a potentially intriguing conversation—or at the very least, a shared laughover the love for numbers.

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Advanced Techniques

Here’s how to elevate your math pick-up game by incorporating complex mathematical concepts to impress and engage.

Incorporating Higher Math Concepts

When you’re ready to venture beyond basic algebra,integrating higher math conceptsintoyour pick-up lines shows both intelligence and asense of humor.

A line like “Are we a function? Because I feel like we could achieve great limits together”not only nods to the concept of alimit in calculus, but is also a clever way to express aboundless potential relationship.

Similarly, you could use, “If our love were a fractal, it would be infinitely complex and just asbeautiful,” to relate theintricacy of fractalsto the complexity ofhuman emotion.

ConceptMath Pick-Up Line
Function“Our connection must be quadratic – it’s parabolically perfect.”
Derivative“Let’s find the derivative of our top curve,”
Integral“I’m lost in the area under your curves.”
Set Theory“If we were sets, we’d be intersecting on so many levels.”

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Defying Norms with Abstract Ideas

Leveragingabstract mathematical ideascan intrigue the mathematically inclined.

A line like “In the venn diagram of our lives, our intersection is a set full of possibilities” beautifully ties inset theorywith a quaint notion of a shared future.

More advanced math lines can touch onasymptotes, like, “Are we approaching an asymptote? Because our closeness feels like it’s approaching infinity, but never quite touching,” to express a tantalizing nearness yet tantalizing distance.

Execution and Delivery

When using math pick up lines, your success largely hinges on how you execute the line and deliver it with the right timing and vocal inflection.

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Contextual Application

You mustassess the settingand ensure that it is appropriate for a pick-up line.

For example, amath study group or a class party might appreciate the humor more than a serious lecture.

When you decide to use acheesymath line, it should align with the topic on hand.

Timing and Inflection

The effectiveness of a pick-up line is not just in the words, but also inwhen and howyou say them. For timing:

  • Wait for a natural pause in conversation.
  • Ensure the other person is attentiveto your words.

Inflection plays a critical role in delivery:

  • Say the line with a slightupward intonationto indicate humor, while maintaining aconfidentmanner.
  • Practice the line so you can say it with aclearandsteady voice.

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42 Best Math Pick Up Lines of All Time (2024)
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