Classic WoW - BRD : Blackrock Depths Guide (Boss, Loot, Map) (2024)



1. Blackrock Depths Introduction


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Oncethe capital city of the Dark Iron dwarves, this volcanic labyrinth now servesas the seat of power for Ragnaros the Firelord. Ragnaros has uncovered thesecret to creating life from stone and plans to build an army of unstoppablegolems to aid him in conquering the whole of Blackrock Mountain. Obsessed withdefeating Nefarian and his draconic minions, Ragnaros will go to any extreme toachieve final victory.

Thedungeon requires no attunements, but you can skip the lower part of theinstance with aShadowforge Key, obtained from the spirit ofFranclorn Forgewright.


  • Minimun Level: 42
  • Advised Level: 52-60
  • Number of players: 5
  • Faction: Contested
  • Classic WoW - BRD : Blackrock Depths Guide (Boss, Loot, Map) (1)

    Although it is not especially profitable, BRD (and the restof the Blackrock Mountain complex) is well worth at least one visit. Theseinstances represented the original game's end-game content, and were made witha high level of quality.

    There are lots of interesting features inside that onceplayed a big role but currently get overlooked. A portal to the Molten Core isfairly deep into the instance, but it's mainly for show. A quest completed inBRD allows you to teleport into MC, negating the need to run 40 (or quite a bitless these days) raiders through the instance just to enter. BRD is also hometo the Black Forge and Black Anvil, which were required to create raiding gear(primarily fire resist).

    3. Best loot in Blackrock Depths

    Blackrock Depths is the largest instance in the game. It is the first instance where asubstantial amount of the loot would last into the post-leveling end-game.

    4. Dungeon Entrance:

    To get toBRD, enter Blackrock Mountain from either southwest Searing Gorge ornorthwest Burning Steppes. If you enter from Searing Gorge, climb up onthe giant chain that appears to your left and go down onto the big rocksuspended in the center. Follow the stairs down and exit downwards onto thechain at the bottom. The quest giver for MC attunement is straight ahead and apassage leads right to get to the instance. Bear left in the cave and theinstance is at the end of the chamber.

    Check outthe pictures below. Follow the yellow mark to get in.

    Classic WoW - BRD : Blackrock Depths Guide (Boss, Loot, Map) (5)

    5. Blackrock Depths : Bosses location

    BlackrockDepths isvery non-linear: there's many ways to go through, and because of the sheersize, you'll probably want to pick and choose the encounters rather thanrunning the whole thing in one sitting.

    Some of themore interesting things to do: theRing of Law, a random boss in an arena, theDark Coffer, which spawns the holder of a key to a chestin a random location, and the Grim Guzzler, a mid-instance bar that features acouple vendors and several boss encounters.

    Discoverwithout further delay the complete list of encounters considered important inthis instance :

    Enemy Level Range: 49-59elites.

    BlackrockDepths Boss map:the average time to complete the entire instance is 4–6 hours due to itscomplexity: a large amount of mobs and bosses, several scripts, and manyquests.

    Classic WoW - BRD : Blackrock Depths Guide (Boss, Loot, Map) (7)

    6. Conclusion about Blackrock Depths for Classic WoW

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    Classic WoW - BRD : Blackrock Depths Guide (Boss, Loot, Map) (2024)
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