Escape from Tarkov Reserve Extraction Points and Best Loot Spots (2024)

A guide to EFT's Reserve map, including the easiest way to extract.

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  • What Scav Boss Is On Reserve
  • Escape from Tarkov Reserve Extraction Points
  • Where's The Best Loot On The Reserve Map

Escape from Tarkov's Reserve map is home to the rats and scavengers of the game, having players equipped with a pistol, backpack, and no armor hijack all the maps loot within the first five minutes of the raid. As profitable as this may be, you must become a master of Reserve and learn all the best loot locations, extracts, and places of interest. Reserve offers three things: loot, high-level players, and raiders, believe me, you can't have one without the other. Whether you're running through the sewers in an attempt to escape or pinned down by the scav boss Gluhkar, Reserve provides a tense experience that haunts you long after extraction.

Within this guide, we are going to provide you with the essential skills to defend your loot, friends, and interests. This includes extracts, loot locations, weapon suggestions, and a guide on the scav boss, therefore, once finishing this guide you'll understand the essentials of how to survive within this daunting map. Most players typically avoid playing Reserve, which is incredibly unfortunate due to the uniqueness and interactive map, allowing players to commence in all roles ranging from, sniping, machine-gunning, close-quarter combat, and mounting a heavy machine gun or grenade launcher!

What Scav Boss Is On Reserve

Meet Glukhar, Escape from Tarkov's powerhouse that will surely knock your socks off! Whether it's his ASH-12 or biceps, Glukhar definitely knows how to handle himself and protect the lands of Reserve with the bold aesthetic seen by no other scav boss. Coming in at a 30% spawn chance, Glukhar and his buddies spawn in ready to rock the boat, typically spawning at these locations:

  • Storage building marked with "K" (opposite train station)
  • Repair building marked with a black and white chess knight
  • At barracks marked with a black bishop and black pawn
  • In the underground storage warehouse marked with "Д "

Despite having four separate spawn locations, Glukhar enters the raid alongside 5-6 raider friends to help protect him and they come packing heat. These are the weapons you can find on Glukhar and his guards:

  • M1A
  • ASH-12
  • AKS-74U
  • PP-19-01
  • AS VAL
  • AK-74M
  • RPK-16
  • M4A1
  • TOZ pump-action shotgun

There are more weapons that can be found on the followers, but they are typically found with the above and similar weapons, having the widest plethora of weaponry out of all the scav bosses and followers. Although appearing daunting, this factor is incredible due to the sheer volume of loot you'll receive once killing the targets and dominating the raid - quite a lot to carry to extract though.

Gluhkar and the guards are very territorial, meaning they often won't venture outside of the building they spawn within. To kill Gluhkar and his guards, you're going to want to battle them at close quarters to have the highest chance of success, including the use of grenades. Due to Gluhkar's high health, you're going to want to shoot him in the head, easier said than done, just make sure that's what you do. If you lose sight of Gluhkar, stay away from windows or open locations due to their ability to adapt to long-range combat. Weapons-wise, choose something with high power and agility, such as the Saiga 12ga with flechette rounds.

Escape from Tarkov Reserve Extraction Points

Reserve offers weird extracts that most despise, however, that's what makes the map unique, below, you'll find the extracts and their requirements:

Armored TrainThe building marked "Rook" with "T" above (train station)Arrives between 20 and 15 minutes left in the raid.
Honks twice on arrival.
Stays for 7 min.
Honks once 1 min before departure, leaves with you on
Bunker Hermetic DoorActivate the lever (marked "A" on the map above) in the shack west of the white pawn building, then run to the bunker (marked "D")Activate power and run to the bunker in less than four minutes
Cliff DecentBehind the dome on the hillRed rebel ice pick, paracord, no armor vest
D-2Command, underground system, follow stairs down and through one way systemTurn on the power with a lever in the command part of the underground bunker system and push the button at the bunker door
Scav Lands (Co-Op)Marked "S" on the map, the southern part of the map next to the brick house on the gate.Extract with friendly scav
Sewer ManholeMarked "M" on the mapExtract without backpack

As you can see, there is essentially no extract that you can just "walk" away from, you always have to complete or meet some criteria before extracting from the map, hence why people mostly dislike Reserve. However, the fewer people the more loot and that's even better from the adventure capitalists out there.

Where's The Best Loot On The Reserve Map

In spite of the Reserve's confusing layout, there is plenty of loot up for grabs. Thankfully, Reserve doesn't require many keys to obtain the upper category of loot, allowing players to search and rinse the map fully without costing them a penny. However, there are obviously still helpful keys to obtain as seen below:

RB-BK Marked keyEast barracks on Reserve (opposite helicopter). The south end of pawn east building basem*ntVery rare loose loot - BTCs etc
RB-VO Marked keyLeft room, in the back end of the barrack northwest of the reserve and west of the bunkersVery rare loose loot - BTCs etc
RB-KPRL keyThe southernmost small building at the radio tower (dome)Safe, weapons, intelligence
RB-PKPM keyUnderground bunker system of the reserve, the marked room next to the office that is connected to the D-2 extract switchVery rare loose loot
RB-SMP keyThe second floor of the HQ (white bishop) buildingLoose medical loot

All of these locations are high-traffic areas, therefore meaning you need to act with precaution, having your gun locked and loaded. Whether you want to run, stamp your feet, or quietly rat through the hallways at walking speed, that's up to you to make the right decision. Overall, Reserve provides a very high-traffic map, having players, scavs, and raiders roam the lands with little worry of death and empathy for your gear fear, they won't spare you.

Finally, here are the best looting locations without keys:

  • White king building - opposite dome - rare PC loot scattered over server rooms
  • Black pawn building - opposite white king - rare loose loot and scav boss spawn
  • White knight building - opposite sewer manhole - rare hardware loot/scav boss spawn
  • Underground tunnels - underground - rare loose, PC, and hardware loot
  • Black bishop building - in front of the helicopter - rare PC loot

These locations are easy to find on (this) map, or each location has a big painted chess piece on the side of the building in-game, linking each reference to the building within Reserve. To benefit massively at minimal risk, equip a large vest and a pistol, run around all the listed key and building locations, pick up the best loot, and extract through the Sewer manhole, there's minimal risk and no gear fear. Please beware, players often look for pesky pistol runners, they understand that pistol runners likely have more than a PM on their character!

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Escape from Tarkov Reserve Extraction Points and Best Loot Spots (4)

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Escape from Tarkov Reserve Extraction Points and Best Loot Spots (5)

Escape from Tarkov Reserve Extraction Points and Best Loot Spots (2024)


Where is the best loot spot in EfT? ›

Top Loot Locations
  • Marked Room Key (3 story dorm)
  • Factory Exit Key.
  • Gas Station Storage Room Key.
  • Customs Office Key (inside file cabinet)

Where is the best place to loot weapons in Tarkov? ›

In the 'Far Corner' area of Customs, there are three buildings grouped closely together that make for some of the best loot-gathering opportunities in the game. There is a dense concentration of 'stashes', which are hidden loot spots buried into the ground that can spawn absolutely anything.

What is the best map for stash runs? ›

Shoreline is a great map for hidden stash looting as it will have at least 37 spawns. Most players won't know about these caches and you could simply collect them and get out without running into any other players. There are multiple routes you can take depending on where you spawn, west or east of the river.

What is the easiest map to loot in Tarkov? ›

Woods is another early-game map that players will find themselves exploring at the start of their adventure. It's one of the biggest maps in Escape From Tarkov, boasting wide, open fields, forests, and some key points of interest that offer great opportunities for looting and shooting.

Is Loot Lord rare Tarkov? ›

Description. The "Loot Lord" plush toy from a famous Tarkov resident - AquaFPS. A very rare collectible!

What item is worth the most in Tarkov? ›

The Most Valuable Loot to Grab in Escape from Tarkov
  • Prioritize military loot - Any item with “military” in the name is almost guaranteed to be worth grabbing. ...
  • Check safes and cash registers - Safes and cash registers contain some of the most sought-after loot in Tarkov.

Where is the best place to aim in Tarkov? ›

Learning to aim at the head is one of the best things to do, you'd be dropping enemies really quickly and a lot of ammo becomes viable.

What maps run best in tarkov? ›

The Best Maps in Escape From Tarkov in-depth Guide for EfT
  • Reserve map. ...
  • Streets of Tarkov map. ...
  • Customs map.
  • Factory map.
  • Interchange map.
  • Shoreline map.
  • The Lab map.
  • Woods map.

Is Stash good for beginners? ›

The bottom line: Stash aims to make investing approachable for beginners. The service has a $0 account minimum (though managed Smart Portfolios require $5 to get started) and charges $3 or $9 a month, depending on what services and account types you are looking for.

What is the minimum investment for Stash? ›

Q. What do I need to start using Stash? You only need a few things to get started with Stash: Four dollars ($4) – $3 for your monthly subscription fee and at least $1 to put in your Personal investment account.

Where is the best place to find Salewas Reserve? ›

Interchange. Mantis has several containers and loose spawns (shelves, tables and beds) that can spawn Salewas. Keep in mind that Mantis is one of the hottest areas on the whole map. Emercom contains several spawns, but requires the EMERCOM medical unit key to unlock.

Where is the best place to loot on Woods Tarkov? ›

Loot Locations
  • Multiple civilian houses containing rare item spawns like gold chains, corrugated hoses, military cables, and more.
  • Med/ration supply crates and oil barrels behind houses.
  • Two easy to access weapons crates.

How do you make money on Reserve Tarkov? ›

How to Get Money in Escape from Tarkov
  1. Loot High-Value Items: Focus on looting high-value items that can be sold for a good price on the Flea Market or to traders. ...
  2. Scav Runs: Playing as a Scavenger (Scav) can be a great way to earn money with minimal risk.

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