For Skai Jackson, Taking On “The Lost Soul” Role In ‘Sheroes’ Wasn’t Hard (2024)

Skai Jackson is fortunate to have several “sheroes” in her life as she’s listed them: “My mom, two sisters, aunts, and just any female in my life that has had a really big impact on me.” In her new film of the same name, Jackson gives the term “shero” another meaning as she needs rescuing from her three girlfriends who’ve upset a drug lord.

Jackson takes on the role of Daisy, who is introduced as “The Lost Soul” before Sheroes even kicks off. Though her name sounds sweet and delicate, the character is actually a cocaine-loving wanderer who’s exploring her sexuality, but she’s tough — much different from other roles we’ve seen the 21-year-old actress play.

Over Zoom, Jackson discussed how her role may shock some, while admitting to having plenty of say-so in what viewers see on the big screen.

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“It wasn’t really difficult for me because I really fell in love with the script when I read it, and I was drawn to Daisy,” Jackson expressed of her uncanny role. “What made me just really comfortable with everything was Jordan [the director] was so easygoing and was kind of like, ‘This is your character. Whatever you want to do with Daisy, make it your own.’ It wasn’t like, ‘I want you to do this and it has to be this way.’ We definitely collaborated and made Daisy the way she is. So, it was not hard for me at all, surprisingly.”

Jackson’s role may be an eye-opener when the film hits select theaters on Friday (June 23), as most of her filmography consists of children’s movies and TV shows like The Smurfs, Sesame Street and Muppets Haunted Mansion. However, in Sheroes the New York-bred star is all grown up and showing fans another side of her.

“There were different roles before Sheroes that I got approached with, and I read the script, but it didn’t align with me,” she shared. “I feel like viewers can see if you’re not either fully comfortable with the role or it just doesn’t suit you. There’s been plenty of things I’m like, ‘This is a great project, just not for me.'”

For Skai Jackson, Taking On “The Lost Soul” Role In ‘Sheroes’ Wasn’t Hard (3)

Combing through her years-long acting resume, she added, “That’s kind of how it’s been in my career. I have a really great team, and they’re very strategic on things that I do and me not taking just anything that comes my way. I just want to be particular with it.”

When Jackson decided to take on Sheroes, she also realized it empowered her to do whatever she wants to do in life. “I was like, you know what, I really love this, I love the cast,” she said. “I think this is a great movie about four best friends that can do anything. And it doesn’t matter how big, small, what you look like, if you put your mind to it, you can do it.”

Some of those things that the four girls do in the movie include explicit activities like taking cocaine, partying hard, and hooking up with strangers. Although Daisy’s resilience relates to Jackson, she made it clear that the paraphernalia and other unfavorable acts in the film don’t align with her real life.

For Skai Jackson, Taking On “The Lost Soul” Role In ‘Sheroes’ Wasn’t Hard (4)

“Those things don’t align with me, but I would say the things that do resonate with me is how Daisy’s a fighter. She doesn’t give up and she keeps going,” Jackson clarified. “Just being able to figure herself out through that whole debacle that’s going on, she’s so strong for that. She’s driven, she’s not afraid to get what she wants. She’s going to go after what she wants, and she’s going to push through no matter what.”

Unlike Daisy, there have been moments in Jackson’s life where she didn’t always get what she wants. As the film opens with each character naming a “bullsh*t” moment in their life, Jackson shared her real-life accounts of the term.

“So many moments in my life where I’m like, this is BS. I cannot…,” she started. “Even just things in daily life that I go through, different obstacles, I’m like, ‘I cannot.’ But, even along with that, I still find a way to push through it, and I feel like that Daisy does too. She gets kidnapped, but at the end she fights through it and she comes out stronger and better than ever.”

For Skai Jackson, Taking On “The Lost Soul” Role In ‘Sheroes’ Wasn’t Hard (5)

Seeing her reflection in the role of Daisy, she added, “I think that’s kind of how I am in certain situations where I’m just like, ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘this is BS.’ And then, I’m actually glad it happened to me, because it made me a stronger and better person.”

Sheroes hits select theaters and will be available digitally this Friday. Check out the trailer to the action-packed film below.

For Skai Jackson, Taking On “The Lost Soul” Role In ‘Sheroes’ Wasn’t Hard (2024)
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