One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (2024)

The Seven Warlords of the Sea, whose full title was Seven Royal Warlords of the Sea, were seven powerful pirates allied with the World Government, which gave them a “pardon” for all their crimes. During the Levely, both Nefertari Cobra and Riku Doldo III put forward a motion to abolish the organization which was passed. The Seven Warlords of the Sea are one of the most famous groups in One Piece and although it has been disbanded, we have decided to ranked the 11 pirates that were, at one point or another, members of the Shichibukai by strength.

11. Buggy the Clown

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (1)

Although not as powerful as other former Roger Pirates, Buggy is a very capable fighter, as he was strong enough to survive all the battles against Whitebeard’s crew and the extreme dangers of the Grand Line. His arrogance and greed are what encourage him to continue fighting and taking every opportunity to build a good reputation.

Buggy has very high toughness, as he survived the blast of a Muggy Bullet redirected at him, with hardly any resulting injuries (although his Devil Fruit might have helped him somewhat), while a Muggy Bullet seriously damaged the Minotaurus, one of the Demon Guards at Impel Down. He also possesses great physical strength, as he was able to lift and strangle one of his subordinates single-handedly, pick up a Blugori easily and throw it to the ground (although he got up again with minimal injury), and hold the weight of both Luffy and Jinbe while floating his upper body (although this can be attributed to his Devil Fruit ability).

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Buggy accidentally consumed the Bara Bara no Mi, a paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to separate his body parts and fight with them independent of each other, but it robbed him of his ability to swim; according to Shanks (when they were both cabin boys), Buggy was an excellent swimmer.

The abilities gained from this fruit also make Buggy immune to stabbing, slashing, and slashing attacks, the attack only separating him from his body. Additionally, most of his body is capable of flight through the air, with enough force to send a man flying through a wall with the major exception of his feet.

The main flaw of the Devil Fruit ability is focused on the feet. They can’t leave the ground like the rest of his body. Buggy also cannot, despite feeling them at all times, lose pieces of his body, he cannot join completely if a part of his body is outside a certain area, and by his own means, he must get closer to the part of the body. missing body.

10. Gecko Moria

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (2)

Gecko Moria was a Sea Warrior, as well as one of the most experienced pirates in the entire Grand Line. Physically, he was able to get up for about ten minutes after a Gomu Gomu no Pistol and a Gomu Gomu no Storm from Nightmare Luffy knocked Oars off his feet. Also, he didn’t seem to be damaged when Nami’s thunder attack hit Oars. Due to his size, he can easily carry a normal human with one hand.

He was back on his feet and still fighting after a full-power impact from Jinbe (although the blow knocked him out of the battle for a while). Moria is also shown to be smart and strategic, showing interest in schemes on multiple occasions. Often, he plans for the future with his zombies, putting certain shadows on certain bodies and modifying the bodies to suit whatever his purpose is, given the circ*mstances.

Moria was a pirate powerful enough to become one of the Warlords of the Sea. He was thus able to fight without being injured Curiel and Oz Jr., two powerful pirates of the Whitebeard Pirates. Moria possesses an imposing physique and is tough enough to withstand repeated attacks from Luffy. He shows impressive strength and resistance by attacking Pirate Island where he lifts a soldier with one hand like nothing.

9. Edward Weevil

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (3)

His status as a Warlord of the Sea and his former bounty (the highest for a Warlord of the Sea) are, for now, proof that he is very powerful. Kizaru compares him to Whitebeard when younger. The fact of having single-handedly destroyed 16 allied crews of Whitebeard also proves that he is a formidable enemy. His legs are his weak point.

Like Whitebeard, he wears a Bisento. We don’t know yet if he actually uses it in combat or if it’s just to imitate his “father”. The two weapons are slightly different: the handle of Weevil’s Bisento does not have a twisted pattern like that of Whitebeard but is covered with a few strips wrapped in twists at the level of the grips, namely under the guard and on the lower part of the handle.

The hilt is relatively similar but the patterns in its center are different and more wound than on the Whitebeard Bisento. Finally, the blade is more classic and simple in one part, with the two shades of steel common in Japanese blades but without being set in an ornament on either side, such as was found on the Bisento of Whitebeard.

This Bisento is on the whole simpler and less elegant, even more rustic than that of Whitebeard. We can make a connection with its user who, although apparently very strong, is less athletic and imposing than Whitebeard was.

8. Sir Crocodile

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (4)

Sir Crocodile is the main antagonist of the Alabasta arc and has appeared as the main antagonist of the eighth film as well.

He has very high self-esteem and believes very much in his own strength, which always leads him to treat anyone from top to bottom; he hardly loses his temper and always shows great intelligence and attention in every aspect of his plans, making sure that they can be successful even if they do not go as he had foreseen.

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Crocodile has ingested the Rogia Sand Sand fruit, which allows it to turn into sand and make itself intangible to anything but liquids; the fruit also allows it to create storms and blades of sand and to dry up everything it touches by absorbing the liquid part.

Instead of his left hand, Crocodile has a large golden hook that hides a powerful poison capable of causing the opponent to suffer heart failure. Before joining the Fleet of Seven, a bounty of 81 million Berries hung on his head.

He is a highly intelligent pirate, able to run the Baroque Works organization without the World Government being aware of it, and able to create near-perfect and ambitious plans. Thus, during Operation Utopia, he attempted and almost succeeded in overthrowing a government, provoking a war and becoming the ruler of a country as vast as Alabasta.

His connections with the Underworld are sufficient to simulate a Dance Powder traffic for which the government would be responsible. He is also aware of his reputation and concerned about protecting his image. For several years he was able to maintain his reputation as a Warlord of the Sea, hide his true identity from members of Baroque Works (except Nico Robin), and appear as a savior to the people of Alabasta.

7. Bartholomew Kuma

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (5)

Kuma is one of the few people to have defeated the entire Straw Hat Pirates, and is also the only character introduced so far who has single-handedly defeated the crew, twice. However, the crew was extremely weak each time and they were in no condition to fight again, let alone a Warlord of the Sea (when they first encountered the crew had just finished a fight against a Warlord of the Sea, Gecko Moria, as well as an island full of zombies and Odz, in the second encounter they had just battled a Pacifista while fending off a second attack, Kizaru and Sentomaru).

He doesn’t want the crew dead, however, as he allowed them to escape. Bartholomew Kuma was one of the Warlords of the Sea, a group that is one of the three great powers. Kuma is easily one of the most powerful characters to appear in the story. Among other things, he was able to defeat the Straw Hat Pirates twice. Kuma also had very quick reflexes, as he managed to deflect one of Luffy’s Gear Second attacks with ease.

6. Jinbe

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (6)

Jinbe is a master of Amphibian Karate, which he can use to take down multiple men at once. His blows are so strong that he does not need to have physical contact with the enemy since the very air repels them.

Another example of his strength and level of Amphibian Karate is his victory against Minorhinoceros, one of the four guardians of Impel Down, which he used with a single uppercut, while Luffy used his Gear 3 to defeat another of the guardians of Impel Down.

Apparently, he is very tough. Indeed, he fought Ace for 5 days on par. It should also be noted that he can use water to fight as we can see when he creates a huge whirlwind that he projects in the air to hit a navy boat.

5. Trafalgar D. Law

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (7)

Law is a fearsome pirate who, along with most of his crew, proved resistant to Rayleigh’s Haki as nearly everyone in the slave-selling hall passed out. He is also a good fighter. He is brave, as he allowed himself to attack several Marines at close range on the Sabaody Archipelago, despite being a long-range fighter.

While on the Sabaody Archipelago, the Kid Pirates and the Heart Pirates were attacked by a Pacifista. The end of the fight was not seen; however, the Heart Pirates reappeared during the Marineford arc, suggesting that they managed to defeat the Pacifista or at least escaped him. Trafalgar Law proves to be a very skilled and opportunistic leader.

Despite being a former Supernovae and a talented pirate captain, Law is considered one of the most powerful pirates of his generation and he is also the only one to have remained in the second half of Grand Line, for at least least a few months, rather than venture into the New World, as he is being cautious.

After the two-year timeskip, Law has become so powerful and infamous that even the G-5 Marines, renowned for their cruelty, are deeply afraid of him. Before he became a Warlord of the Sea by bringing one hundred pirate hearts to the World Government, Law had acquired a higher bounty than Luffy, another proof of his power.

He was able to defeat Vice Admiral Smoker, who is the possessor of a Logia-type Devil Fruit, without seriously injuring him. It is also said that in Caesar and Law’s bargain that Law is more powerful than Caesar. Moreover, he was able to overcome Vergo, a very powerful fighter and was even able to counter the attack of a Navy Admiral (Issho).

4. Boa Hanco*ck

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (8)

Hanco*ck is considered by her friends and enemies to be extremely powerful. Ruling alongside her sisters, Hanco*ck has power over Amazon Lily and the rest of the Kuja women. As empress and captain of the tribe, she is probably the strongest Kuja warrior. The Kuja believe in “the strength of beauty”, and since all the tribesmen think that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, they believe that she is very powerful, the strongest among the entire tribe.

It’s worth noting that only the strongest female Kuja warriors are allowed on the country’s pirate ship, Hanco*ck and her sisters were strong enough to be there when they were little, but it’s possible they were just apprenticed like Shanks and Baggy. Her strength is so great that she was even recognized by Navy Admiral Sengoku.

What speaks to her strength is how she was one of three Warlords of the Sea who managed to leave the war unharmed. The fact that she got a 80,000,000 Berrys bounty after her first campaign as a pirate also proves her power. She was able to destroy several Pacifistas single-handedly by hitting them, which, thanks to her fruit, turned the affected parts to stone.

While it’s true that the Pacifistas were programmed not to attack their allies, destroying so many of them remains a feat (the Straw Hat crew, before their two years of training, couldn’t shoot down only one by getting into it all together and leaving them very exhausted).

Her brute strength is very great, even superhuman. She can easily smash stone (in the form of petrified opponents) with a single kick, she is able to smash multiple Pacifistas without dropping a drop of sweat (as Sanji broke his leg when he attempted the same, but if she has the Mero Mero no Mi) and is able to throw Smoker, yet a Logia, with her Haki.

She is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, often using her Devil Fruit abilities. She is able to fight most pirates in the New World effortlessly. His fighting style is similar to Sanji’s: Hanco*ck seems to prefer kick-based attacks, whether kicking cute animals or his enemies. Although she is strongest in close range combat, Hanco*ck is also adept at long range and is able to use her Devil Fruit powers on enemies at long range.

3. Donquixote Doflamingo

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (9)

Donquixote Doflamingo, is the main antagonist of the arc of Dressrosa. Nicknamed “Heavenly Demon”, he is the captain of the Donquixoteclan and the king of Dressrosa.

One of the most politically and economically influential men in the world, he has long led the slave trade in the Sabaody Islands and is the leader of numerous criminal activities in the New World, acting under the pseudonym of Joker; furthermore, being aware of a secret concerning the celestial dragons, his authority can override even that of the grand admiral of the navy.

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Doflamingo is a very cynical, ruthless, and indifferent individual and believes in the advent of a new era of piracy, in which there is no more room for dreamers and idealists. Doflamingo ingested the Paramisha Filo Filo fruit, which allows him to create threads from his hands and use them at will.

Thanks to them he can control a subject and move it like a puppet, he can use them to attack and cut, he can introduce them inside his body to repair damaged organs and, having awakened his fruit, transform the surrounding objects into threads to be manipulated. pleasure.

Prior to his entry into the Fleet of Seven, his bounty amounted to 340 million Berries.

Finally, Doflamingo is cunning, intelligent, and has an exceptional talent for tactics and psychological warfare. Indeed, he found an effective way that could have undermined the alliance formed between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates. Upon managing to appropriate the Mera Mera no Mi, he managed to manipulate Luffy into declaring that he had in his possession “something he desires more than anything in the world”.

Joker didn’t make any miscalculations, as as he had planned, Luffy who heard the news, entered the Corrida Colosseum tournament to try to retrieve his brother’s Devil Fruit. After Sugar was defeated, he was able to regain control of the situation through his “Birdcage” technique as well as his survival game.

2. Dracule Mihawk

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (10)

Mihawk owns the title of the best swordsman in the world. Zeff claims he is the strongest swordsman ever. He is able to cut steel without any problem: he demonstrated this by beating Daz Bones in one hit, whose body is made of blades. He managed to slice through the giant wave frozen by Aokiji. He has one of the best swords in the world, the Kokuto Yoru.

He gets rid of Mr. 1 and Buggy fairly quickly (although the latter is unfazed by his swords). The only swordsmen who seem to be able to compete with him were Red-Haired Shanks and Vista, but he wants to let Roronoa Zoro improve to become his new rival. However, since Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk no longer wishes to fight him.

Mihawk also has skills that earned him the nickname Hawkeye: a very powerful vision, able to find Monkey D. Luffy in the middle of a battle while the latter was moving in Gear Second. He was also able to not lose Luffy’s eyes even while fighting another swordsman, Vista. He is also endowed with very high speed and surprising reflexes.

He handles his sword with great ease despite his size and weight. Mihawk was also seen using his hands to fight as in his first fight against Zoro where he punched him in the back of the neck. It would seem that he has very great power even without his weapons.

1. Marshall D. Teach / Blackbeard

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (11)

Blackbeard was a powerful man even before he possessed his Devil Fruit abilities. Indeed, he managed to injure Shanks, one of the Four Emperors, leaving him with three scars on the face at the level of the left eye. He is also endowed with great physical resistance, as he held on after taking several point-blank attacks from a Logia-empowered Ace.

Blackbeard considers himself “The Most Powerful Man on Earth” after gaining the power of the Gura Gura no Mi. He ate the Yami Yami no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit. This fruit allows becoming and mastering darkness, as well as absorbing anything the user wishes. It is a very powerful fruit that allows one to cancel the power of another Devil Fruit, a bit like Sea Granite.

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He can lure any Devil Fruit possessor with a vortex, allowing him to hit them even if the enemy fruit is a Logia type. We therefore understand why Shanks, one of the Four Emperors, came to see Whitebeard to tell him that Ace should not go looking for Blackbeard. After the events of Impel Down, Blackbeard goes to Marineford and finishes off Whitebeard, who was already badly injured.

After killing Whitebeard, he hides himself and Whitebeard’s body under a sheet. He emerges with the power of his Devil Fruit, making him the holder of two Devil Fruit powers, a fact that was described as impossible. How he went about stealing it is still unknown, nor do we know how Teach can handle these two powers. According to Marco, this is due to a particular and abnormal structure of his body.

One Piece's Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) Ranked by Strenght (2024)
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