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The Whirlpool fridge, like many others, comes with different colors of lights. Three lights can appear; green, amber, and red lights.

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When the whirlpool fridge is on, and a green light is displayed, it is a sign that the fridge is well connected to the electricity and is working well. The amber light is an indication that the fast freeze option is on.

What does it mean when the red H2O light comes on your Whirlpool fridge? We’ll walk you through the most likely causes of this problem and outline the possible solutions.

  • Why Do The Lights Change?
    • A Faulty Water Filter
      • Symptoms Of A Faulty Filter
      • Solutions
    • A High Temperature
      • Symptoms Of A High Temperature
      • Solution
      • Note
    • A Malfunctioning Display Panel
      • Symptoms Of A Malfunctioning Display Panel
      • Solutions
  • Conclusion

Why Do The Lights Change?

The color red is often associated with danger in our everyday lives. Does it mean danger when you see the red H2O light on your Whirlpool fridge come on?

Absolutely. So why, then, do the lights change?

Several things can cause the lights to change from the usual green and amber to red.

The most common issue is a faulty filter, the second is a high temperature, and the other, you will see as you progress in this article.

A Faulty Water Filter

A faulty water filter will indicate a red light popping up in your filter status light console.

While it is not harmful to wait for the H2O light to turn red before you check and replace your water filter, changing it at least once every five to six months is advisable.

However, this depends on how often you use your water and the water quality from your whirlpool fridge.

You can also check for a faulty filter when water filled with particles begins to flow to your water dispenser or when ice is noticed. A faulty filter could also be a filter that is broken.

Symptoms Of A Faulty Filter

  1. When the red H2O light comes on
  2. When the water dispensed from your appliance has a sour taste. When your filter is terrible and dirty, it gives you bad water. Clean water should have no taste.
  3. The size of the ice produced is reduced.
  4. The water smells bad.
  5. The ice smells terrible.
  6. The water will trickle slowly as the filter may be clogged.
  7. Hazy appearances of your ice and water and particles present in your water


There is only one possible solution: changing your water filter. You will need to get the right filter for your appliance and adequately install it according to how it is instructed in the user’s manual.

Failure to properly do that will cause the red H2O light to remain and create an issue of ice production and water availability. Follow the steps below to change the red H2O lights successfully:

  • Your water filter can be found in either of these places; behind the kick plate, floor, or fridge ceiling. Locate your filter.
  • Release the filter and then remove it by twisting and pulling.
  • Attach the new filter and run at least one and a half gallons of water through the dispenser.

If you are wondering how to reset your filter status, we’ve got you covered, do not worry.

You can try to reset the filter system after changing the filter.

There may not be a need for the reset since you’ve already tackled the issue, but a reset will return your appliance to its default settings in case anything has changed. Below is how you can reset it.

  • Press the Ice Type and Light button on your Whirlpool fridge for as long as three seconds.
  • You will have to wait for the status to go off, which will only happen when the system is reset.

A High Temperature

When the temperature of the whirlpool fridge has been higher than expected (the average temperature lies between 0°C and 43°C) for at least an hour, the red H2O light will come on the control console.

Also, if the temperature of the fresh food in the fridge had gone up within about two to three hours, the red H2O light would come on. It serves as an alert to prevent wastage.

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Symptoms Of A High Temperature

The only symptom here is when the fridge doesn’t get cold, which is also when your fridge contents are still in the same state you put them in.


  1. Remove all the items in your fridge and adequately seal the fridge.
  2. Do not put hot food in your fridge.
  3. Allow your newly installed appliance some time to cool.
  4. Ensure there is complete isolation of the cold air in your fridge. Check for gaps and tears.
  5. Defrost your fridge manually if the inner walls have frost on them.
  6. Avoid frequently opening the fridge’s lid.
  7. Ensure the temperature control is set correctly. If you do not know how to do this, you can refer to the manual or Call a technician.

Opening the whirlpool fridge door should not be too frequent as it will affect the proper cooling of the fridge.


The red H2O light may come on when installing your fridge but do not worry about it. It is bound to happen because the fridge has not gotten enough time to cool.

However, if the Temperature Monitor light goes on, there could be a severe problem. Do well to contact your technician.

A Malfunctioning Display Panel

When it comes to red H2O lights, it is clear that the main issue is your water filter because of the presence of H2O, which means water.

Sometimes, even after you have changed the water filter of your Whirlpool fridge, cleaned the whole appliance, and checked the temperature of your appliance, the red light remains stubborn.

One thing that can cause this issue is the malfunction in your display panel.

Symptoms Of A Malfunctioning Display Panel

  1. The red H2O lights remain on even though you have changed the water filter.
  2. The appliance will begin to take and act on its commands like it has been affected by a virus.


A malfunctioning display panel can be worked on manually by a technician, or it can be reset. Below is a way to reset your display panel.

  1. Locate the socket into which your Whirlpool fridge is plugged, turn it off, and unplug your fridge.
  2. Wait a while, for about five minutes. It is to allow power to leave your fridge altogether. It is essential.
  3. Plug your fridge back into the power supply and turn the socket on. By this time, and after your wait, your fridge would have been reset.
  4. Carefully press down and hold the lock and filter buttons for a while simultaneously.
  5. Check if the display panel is working correctly. If not, refer to your technician.
  6. Find the door switch and press it simultaneously with the temperature plus button for about three seconds.
  7. Press the temperature plus button again to put your Whirlpool fridge in service mode.
  8. Never allowing water on your display panel is essential, as this could also cause its malfunction.


The color red still draws attention. While it is true that the red H2O light is on, your appliance might need a simple reset, and it is good to look at the possible causes of the red light and the solutions.

When you notice the red H2O light, find the fault and get it fixed! The saying that a stitch in time saves nine is very much applicable here to your whirlpool fridge.

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Red H2O Light On Whirlpool Fridge - Causes And Solutions - The Kitchen Pro Tech (2024)
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