Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (2024)

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tarticulate Jan 07 2023 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (1)

The hate boner for this song is stupid. Inoffensive at worst


chfi Apr 06 2022 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (2)

lewis are you sure this is a good single

this is awful but its endearingly bad. like the song sucks but my god is he trying. he's not succeeding, mind you, but every ounce of lewis capaldi is out in the open here. vastly preferable to awful songs without the effort



leutian Oct 05 2021 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (3)

its like James Blunt never left us

Lewis legitimately sounded like he needed to clear his throat before doing this. like he went into the recording booth holding back a cough and now hes in too deep. even during his concerts. Shawn Mendes is a thousand times the singer this man is. thats not a joke he is seriously that bad, he sounds like toby flenderson with the face of master blaster from thunderdome.

the melody is dull. the instrument and production is nothing special and i think lewis knows how bad the lyrics were because he has done everything in his power to give this song extra meaning. this man is the personification of "im a 14 year old girl and this is deep and impactful".

everything points to his inspiration being adele and ed sheeran which makes perfect sense because he sounds exactly like a person whose done covers and heavily inspired songs and suddenly has to forge his own path and instead takes one step off the path and gets lost in the woods. i'll be honest the last thing on my mind was music when this song came out so i only heard it like once or twice for commercials. which i guess for me i can at least rule overplay off of why i hate this.

at the very least he tried to make something sincere. if it was some one else like shawn mendes or selena gomez i would have immediately thought they were posing but i believe every word that comes out of Lewis's mouth. i believe he truly thinks he is doing something and that is f*cking adorable to me.


geldofpunk Mar 09 2021 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (4)

A song that is truly hated but I like it. Why? Because it makes me feel the emotions I usually keep buried deep inside. It's cathartic and I can feel his pain and relate because I've been through it. Is it a particularly amazing piece of songwriting? No but it does it's job well.


TrueMusicReviews Jan 21 2021 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (5)

Lewis Capaldi - "Someone You Loved" Song Review

“Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi is easily one of the worst songs to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the 2010s. For a start, this instrumentation is mortifyingly basic; it consists solely of a reverb-soaked piano playing the archetypical pop chords. Unfortunately, unlike the more layered production of Capaldi's follow-up hit "Before You Go," the listener gravitates towards Capaldi's appalling vocal performance. I am far from the first to point out how Capaldi is barely able to carry a tune and fails to hit the necessary notes in the chorus and especially in the bridge.

Lyrically, Capaldi offers very little to make the listener sympathize with his heartbreak. Although he uses flowery and melodramatic language to elucidate his audience on the anguish he experiences, the apathy he projects when describing his ex-lover is pretty shocking. Capaldi only "guesses he kinda likes" and "was getting kinda used to" his girlfriend, and focuses more on the way that she fulfilled his insecure fantasies than the qualities that actually made her stand out. Overall, the lyrics of this song depict Capaldi as a clingy, obsessive, and narcissistic protagonist.

In conclusion, “Someone You Loved” is shocking in its awfulness, from its awful chorus, to its all-around elementariness, and to its douchey lyrics.

High 1



inmostwinter Sep 25 2020 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (6)

Turd swallower

There are some singers/musicians I wish I could just strangle with my bare hands and watch the life leave their eyes, before I chop their corpse into tiny chunks to feed to the animals. This singer is one of them.


Cosmiagramma Dec 13 2019 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (7)

A bland, drippy piano ballad that would have been boring if not for Lewis Capaldi bellowing every line like he's at the bottom of a well; unfortunately, that just makes it insufferable instead. Between Ed Sheeran, James Arthur and now Capaldi, these sorts of songs are as regular as Labour stepping on its own dick, but this is still one of the worst of the bunch.


GhostsAreGone Nov 15 2019 Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (8)

I'm seeing a trend here. I've heard a couple of songs at work that are very similiar to this one. It's a guy almost screaming super emotionally over a melancholic piano line - and it's working. It's almost too simple. But you don't really care for music, do ya?. E.g. check out "Impossible" by James Arthur. What these two songs are trying to do is (IMHO) to punch their emotions so hard into me that I start to cry. You can almost here the pain. It's emotional manipulation. You see: The song "Someone you loved" itself isn't that bad but totally lacks any imagination and creativity. The guy seems to have a powerful voice that could be used with a normal music setup instead of just a piano playing one line over 3 minutes. I like a lot of piano ballads but this song does it almost completely wrong.


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Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi - RYM/Sonemic (2024)


What is the highest note in Someone You Loved? ›

Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved: Vocal Range & Original Key
Artist / From:Lewis Capaldi (artist vocal range)
Title:Someone You Loved
Original Key:C Major
Vocal range:D3-A4
Difficulty in Original Key:
3 more rows

What genre is Lewis Capaldi music? ›

What key is Someone You Loved in? ›

"Someone You Loved" is played in the tempo of 110 BPM and key signature of D♭ major.

How did Lewis Capaldi learn to sing? ›

Career beginnings

Lewis learned to play the drums and guitar when he was just two-years-old, and started off singing in pubs at the age of nine. At 17, he decided to pursue a full-time career in music, and was discovered by his manager through his SoundCloud account.

Who sang the highest note ever? ›

However, even this is not actually the highest recorded note sung by a human. That honour in fact belongs to Brazilian singer, Georgia Brown.

What is the highest note ever heard? ›

A singer's impossible peak

You might imagine Mariah Carey or Maria Callas would top the scales, but Brazilian soprano Georgia Brown set the bar by hitting a G in the high 10th octave. Musical experts later confirmed the note, which translates to about 25,000 hertz, earning Brown a Guinness World Record in 2004.

What is Lewis Capaldi biggest hit? ›

The most popular song by Lewis Capaldi is “Someone You Loved” with a total of 3.6M page views.

What song made Lewis Capaldi famous? ›

The Breach track "Someone You Loved" became Capaldi's breakthrough single, charting in 29 countries.

Why is Lewis Capaldi so popular? ›

Renowned for his sense of humour and ability to poke fun at himself, Lewis Capaldi has also won the hearts of music fans around the world with his soulful and sensitive baritone voice.

What is the scale of someone you loved? ›

Someone You Loved is written in the key of D♭ Major. According to the Theorytab database, it is the 9th most popular key among Major keys and the 16th most popular among all keys. Major keys, along with minor keys, are a common choice for popular songs.

What is the highest note for a girl? ›

Operatic six basic voice types
  • Soprano: the highest female voice typically between C4 and C6
  • Mezzo-soprano: the middle female voice typically between A3 and A5
  • Contralto: the lowest female voice typically between F3 and F5
  • Tenor: the highest male voice typically between C3 and C5

What was the highest note Freddie Mercury sang? ›

One of Freddie Mercury's greatest claims to fame is his four-octave pitch range. The singers' voice range was 48 semitones within the pitch range of F2 (about 87.31 Hz), in All Dead All Dead, to E6 (about 1318.51 Hz), in It's Late.

What is the highest note in a song? ›

The highest note in a song is generally referred to as the climax or the peak of the song. It is the highest point in the melody, and it often occurs towards the end of the song or in a particularly dramatic or emotional section of the song.

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