Will You Be My Valentine? by The Savages (2024)

Will You Be My Valentine? by The Savages (1)

Will You Be My Valentine?

The Savages»USA Garage Greats 1965-1967: Vol. 154: Tell It To The Preacher

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There is more than one band named The Savages:

1) Little is known ab…

Read Full Bio ↴There is more than one band named The Savages:

1) Little is known about this mid-'60s group, which has variously been reported to be from Bermuda or to be a group of Americans who were based in Bermuda when their sole LP, Live 'n Wild, was recorded. That album, recorded live at the Princess Hotel in Bermuda (according to the liner notes), stands as one of the best '60s full-length garage platters. Composed almost wholly of original material, the group played top-notch tunes with heavy echoes of the Beatles, Searchers, and Byrds, with a much greater melodic sense than the typical American garage combo, though a pleasing rawness is evident throughout.

Guitarist/singer Paul Muggleton was part of a short-lived group called Omaha Sherriff (produced by Tony Visconti), who recorded one album in England (Come Hell or High Water, 1977), and also sang on four late-'70s/early-'80s albums by Judy Tzuke on Rocket and Chrysalis (the fact that they were all English releases leading one to believe that they were from Bermuda). And drummer Howie Rego may have been part of a mid-'70s progressive band called Stardrive, who recorded for Elektra and Columbia. Nothing has ever turned up concerning the group's two other members, Jimmy O'Conner and Bobby Zuill.

2) The Savages is a Rock N Roll band from Bombay (now Mumbai), formed in 1960 and the starting point in tracing the history of rock music in India was of course the musicians that they have played with and watched concerts of. Strangely enough, they kept ending up at Rock Machine/Indus Creed. Everyone story led back to, "It all began with Rock Machine..." There were passing statements along the lines of, "Of course, there were bands before that but they did covers. They played club gigs but no one remembers." Founded in 1967 by Bashir Sheikh, the Savages went beyond playing cover versions, and started writing their own material. Back in the days, there were earlier variants of the rock competitions that we see today. One of these was the Simla Beat contest, sponsored by Simla cigarettes, an ITC brand. The Savages won the 1967 edition of the Simla Beat contest. Another prestigious Bombay festival was the Sound Trophy. The Savages won the Sound Trophy for Best Composition and Best Band in 1968, and in the process snagged a recording deal with Polydor India Ltd. The most consistent and well-remembered line up of the band was stabilizing at this point of time with Bashir Sheikh (drums and vocals), Ralph Pais (bass guitar), Hemant Rao (lead guitar), and Prabhakar Mundkur (keyboards and vocals). Various line up changes happened in the years after this with Hemant Rao leaving for Dubai and replaced by Russell Perreira. However, one of the crucial line-up changes featured the inclusion of a young architecture student, originally from Goa, named Remo Fernandes. Remo played with The Savages for a year and a half during his architecture course in Bombay. Featuring some of the first few original compositions by Remo, the album sounds like a delicate blend of retro rock, folk rock, and early acid rock. After Remo left the Savages, another line-up shuffle found Joe Alvares singing for the band. Notable for his booming tenor voice, Joe sang on the next Savages album, titled Black Scorpio. Though the album itself was mostly populated by cover versions, Prabhakar Mundkur had also taken to songwriting and the Savages frequently performed 7-8 instrumental originals, and 3-4 originals with vocals in the many shows that they played during these years. Joe Alvares left the band in 1974 for personal reasons and the band briefly tried to recruit another vocalist. At about the same time, Nandu Bhende's band, The Brief Encounter, was also faced by the prospect of some members leaving. Sensing an opportunity, the two combined to form The Savage Encounter.

Band Members :
Bashir Sheik – Drums / Vocals
Ralph Pais - Bass
Hemanth Rao – Lead Guitars
Prabhakar Mundkur – Keyboards / Vocals
Remo Fernandes – Vocals / Guitars
Russel Periera – Guitars
Joe Alvares – Lead Vocals

3) The Savages are electrosoul, first generation rock and roll band from Vallejo, CA, United States. They are a 21st century sound for heathens, future see-ers and the civilized alike. Their music draws equally from the seductiveness of R 'n' B, the honesty of Soul, the explosiveness of Rock and the root of it all that ties them all together.

While growing up in their formative teenage years, each of the savages were playing in different bands with different sounds. Through mutual connections and mutual dissolution of each of their bands they decided to get together and make a new type of music and continue on as musicians and artists.

Creating and playing together for the past two years at various venues around the bay, they hope to expand their range and sound and use music as a powerful force that it is.

Band Members:Minnie-Vocals Joshua-Guitars/Vox Robie Regan-Bass Jaycedaface-Drums

Will You Be My Valentine? by The Savages (2024)
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